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6 Psychology Studies to Conquer Branding

[fa icon="calendar'] Tue, Feb 06, 2018 / by Emi Noda posted in Branding Strategy, Marketing Message

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If you lack an understanding of Psychology, you have little chance of being successful in marketing. Psychology is the study of human behavior, which is primary to effective marketing. To understand people’s behavior is to understand what they want and need.

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What NOT to do at Your Next Trade Show or Conference

[fa icon="calendar'] Sat, Jun 18, 2016 / by Fennec Team posted in Networking, Trade shows

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We are in full swing into trade show season, it seems this time of year has the most conferences, trade shows, etc. These events can be critically useful to you and your business but it's important to go into them with a plan and the correct mindset. Here are ten things to keep in mind so that you get the most out of your next trade show or conference. 

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Market Research: A Must for Every Business

[fa icon="calendar'] Thu, May 26, 2016 / by Fennec Team posted in Market Research

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Market research sounds like something that only the big boys should be into, but even a small business should at least consider conducting a few research cycles. Market research allows you to understand your customers, keep your company relevant to market changes, and can allow you to set realistic goals that reflect the status of your audience. There are a few ways to conduct an effective market research campaign without having to break the bank.

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Free Marketing Strategies That Work for Every Business

[fa icon="calendar'] Thu, May 05, 2016 / by Fennec Team posted in Marketing Strategy, Social Media, Small Business

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No matter what industry you're in, and regardless of your company's size, your marketing success is what will make or break the bottom line. You can offer an amazing product or service, but if no one is buying it, your business will fall flat.

The challenge lies in knowing how to best reach your potential clients, and how to clearly communicate to them the benefits of what you have to offer.

The following marketing tips are uncomplicated and universal, and can provide increased visibility and viability for any type of business.

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How Westjet Airlines Can Teach Financial Institutions an Important Marketing Lesson

[fa icon="calendar'] Tue, Apr 05, 2016 / by Fennec Team posted in Video Marketing, Marketing

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Banks and credit unions have always been viewed as outstanding pillars in the community. Financial institutions are looked upon to help homeowners in need, increase businesses in the area, and assist towns to be recognized and rebuilt. This is a part of their social responsibility. However, they have no idea how to show what they do. This content should be shared with the community and beyond. WestJet airlines, although a very different industry, yet does provide a commodity, has captured the true essence of packaging and distributing great and emotional content.

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Why the Growth of Digital Advertising Doesn't Really Mean Anything

[fa icon="calendar'] Thu, Jan 15, 2015 / by David Dallaire posted in Digital Advertising

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Another Imaginary Milestone for Digital Advertising

Last year we were told that the world of Digital Advertising has reached another amazing milestone, apparently now expected to account for over 25% of total global ad spend this year (See a summary here). 

So what?

Given that so much of our time is now spent in front of the various array of monitors we all hold in our possesion - laptops, tablets, smartphones, e-readers, etc. - is this really such a milestone?

More importantly, is "digital advertising" really differentiating itself in any meaningful way that makes this transition of ad-spending significant?

Unfortunately, if it is differentiating itself, it might only be making itself even MORE irrelevant than mass media advertising.

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The "Negligence" of JetBlue "De-Branding" for Wall Street

[fa icon="calendar'] Mon, Jan 12, 2015 / by David Dallaire posted in Branding Strategy

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Negligence In Any Culture

One of my favorite moments of learning Japanese was years ago when I was visiting my company's rural warehouse and meeting with our team there. In Japanese, there is a term "Kanpeki-shugi" or "Perfectionism" ( 完璧主義) often used to describe someone who goes above and beyond ALL the time to ensure everything is done JUST right (and there are a LOT of folks like this in Japan, thankfully!). When I asked the staff there that day what is the opposite of "Kanpeki-shugi" they immediately responded: "ii-kagen" which can be "Irresponsible", "Sloppy", "Lax", "Lazy", or "Negligent" (いい加減).

Today, let's talk about "Negligent" (いい加減).


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How The Word "Riots" Enhanced a City's Branding After the SuperBowl

[fa icon="calendar'] Tue, Feb 04, 2014 / by David Dallaire posted in Twitter, Social Media, Superbowl

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Twitter As A Peek Into Group Conciousness

Large media events, natural disasters, sports championships and celebrity/politico faux pas' are all natural drivers of large volumes of Twitter traffic.  With every explosion of tweets driven by one of these events, we all learn a little something we didn't know about our subject before (and admittedly sometimes wish we didn't know).

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