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How to Start Your Marketing Engine

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Everyone Has Been Where You Are Now

Most of the time when I am approached by a potential new client about the potential to help them with Marketing, they are almost always a small-medium business that has had some success, often with a specific product or service they started the business with that may have been an innovative product, fulfilling a previously unserved niche or by excelling for their service or pricing in an established category.

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How Westjet Airlines Can Teach Financial Institutions an Important Marketing Lesson

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Banks and credit unions have always been viewed as outstanding pillars in the community. Financial institutions are looked upon to help homeowners in need, increase businesses in the area, and assist towns to be recognized and rebuilt. This is a part of their social responsibility. However, they have no idea how to show what they do. This content should be shared with the community and beyond. WestJet airlines, although a very different industry, yet does provide a commodity, has captured the true essence of packaging and distributing great and emotional content.

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How to Stay Inspired in Marketing

[fa icon="calendar'] Mon, Nov 19, 2012 / by David Dallaire posted in Innovation, Marketing

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A great customer story that involves innovation whether it is related to products, policies or services.  Early in my career I had the privilege of setting up the first operations centers for both LL Bean AND Lands’ End in Japan. 

Long before Zappos got all the credit for their guarantees and culture, these two companies had it all figured out.  You could say that LL Bean and Land's End set the standard.

The ingenuity of LL Bean in their US factories, in particular, was inspiring for the home-made inventiveness they applied to solving manufacturing challenges that were ultimately designed around what was best for the customer.

These companies excelled with customer service.  

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