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Happy Dr. Seuss Day...

March 3, 2018


"A friend reminded me (again) today that today was Dr. Seuss day. 
Here is a short, quick tribute to the spirit of the Dr. for everyone still in the office today….enjoy."

Happy Dr. Seuss Day.
I think we should have more fun today.

Friday, workday,
Not a play day.
Traffic congestion,
Morning indigestion.
Pitter patter,
The keyboards clatter.
Cafeteria eating,
Yet another meeting.
Number crunching,
Even while lunching.

But today be free,
To take your leave,
Loosening ties,
Saying goodbyes.
Hookey or Hockey,
Eat some Road called Rocky.
Kick off your heels,
Hear your own squeals.
Sneak out the door,
Enjoy life more.

Today is a gift
To give you a lift.
Be your own whimsy,
Sing out loud,
Wear your colors proud.
Start today anew,
As YOU would like to do. 

And when you laugh out loud like a Moose on the loose being goosed,
Give a thankful nod for your new juice – from Dr. Seuss.