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Branding Strategy

"Think Big" Small Business Branding Strategy

October 28, 2012

brandingstrategy“Think Big”.  When creating a branding strategy when you are small and just starting out, it’s hard to step back from your business and imagine your own success beyond your immediate geographic area or current customer base. 

However, by imagining yourself beyond these confines, you get a more complete view of what your Brand’s real potential is, and that often makes a big difference in the decisions you make that determine how you are perceived in the marketplace.

The best way to do this?  Bring in fresh eyes and talk to your customers, talk to your non-customers, and build an objective view of how your business can really matter to them in a bigger way.

If you are interested in bringing in fresh eyes to build an objective view and "Think Big", here is the 15 Customer-First Habits Checklist.  It is free and ready to download.