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Customer Loyalty

How a business can start creating more loyal and profitable customer relationships

October 30, 2012

guaranteesampleTo create more loyal and profitable customer relationships, first ask yourself “Would I enjoy being my own customer/client?”.  You will look at your business differently by answering this question.

Then always ask: “What can you GUARANTEE?”  The most important element in starting a great customer relationship is to eliminate for them the element of perceived risk in working with you or buying your product. EVERY business can do this in one form or another.

I’m always amazed when companies like Zappos get so much press for their guarantee, because it means so many others have still not figured out the value of doing this.  My sense is that managers are more afraid of how it might negatively impact their bottom line, rather than thinking more about how it might motivate their employees to innovate, improve service and be creative in retaining their best customers! 

The real secret?   It massively simplifies the management structure and business processes within your company, but that is a big topic to cover another day.

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