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Customer Centric

CRM Starts in the C-Suite, Not in IT

October 16, 2011

Letting Your CRM Initiative Fail is Easy, Here’s How:

You’ve known for a long time that there is too much you don’t know about your customers – in fact, you are not even sure how many you have. You’ve known that your Marketing has been somewhat haphazard and overly tactical, but when you ask for data on what you are getting in return for your marketing budget, you never see anything that translates into ROI. You’re aware that there are some highly unsatisfied customers out there along with some very happy ones, but you don’t know what it is that makes the difference. You are not really sure how your sales people impact customer loyalty; because you don’t know which customers love your Brand and which ones love your sales person.

But after hearing it enough from your staff, consultants and other business partners, you’ve finally decided that you do know you need to implement a CRM solution and have asked IT to start work on sourcing a CRM product to help you solve these problems.
As a CEO, it takes significant mindshare, budget planning and a bit of instinct to make that final decision to go forward and invest in CRM. But ironically, it is at this starting point where you may have already failed. Why?

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