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The Authentic Brand in Japan

October 16, 2011

What Counts Most in a Foreign Brand in Japan?

In any market, and for any category, there will be slight variations in what is the key aspect of a Brand that will ensure it makes it into the consideration set of the consumer. One could argue for some retail sectors in the US “low prices” is the cost of entry for many consumers (a la Wal-Mart) or in many markets, the middle of the price range for automobiles relies on perceived “reliability”, which may not be as strong a desire for the top end luxury cars, who may succeed more on an image of “luxury” or “style”.

In Japan, where smart design, precision (both mechanical and behavioral) and a sense of indulgence combine to influence nearly every customer engagement across many sectors, I would argue a case for “authenticity” as an area of focus for your Brand when looking to enter the Japanese market or to revive your existing efforts there.
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