Is it really possible, or even recommended, to launch an international business in just nine days? 

In reality, it is only possible to launch because there planning to enter a new market.  It works because the groundwork and been laid in regards to the marketing strategy.  Have a local resource to lead the local management once you have incorporated.

Get the research done and approach partners to keep the launch process flowing.  

Essentially, if you have enough homework done ahead of time, the nine-day international expansion is possible.

So yes, you too can look around the globe and see the possibilities of an international product launch for your own business...but it pays to get help - so when you find it is time to hit the "on" switch, you will land in your new market intelligently and look ready for a long-term commitment.

Are you thinking about launching internationally? 

If so, here is a basic checklist for your team to prepare to launch:

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