Audience Management

Developing a stronger strategic planning discipline your organization.
Audience Management

Fennec Marketing Group specializes in developing a stronger strategic planning discipline in our client’s organizations.


Reach Your Audiences

Knowing is one thing, being able to use your knowledge to execute better experiences is what really matters. Feed audience intelligence to your marketing execution platforms in real time.

Optimize Your Audiences

Have you considered shifting the focus to audience optimization?

Know Your Audiences

Are you still talking about unique visitors, or do you want to develop customer segments to learn how many high-value intenders or mid-tier loyalists are interacting with your marketing content?

  • Gain a comprehensive picture of customers and prospects across all channels
  • Measure and compare a wide array of variables including consumer preferences and demographics
  • Create and refine actionable audiences for consistent, targeted campaigns
  • Cultivate brand loyalty while gaining new insights into high-value customers

While audience management can be defined and approached in many different ways, here's the overarching framework. If a company can:

  1. Recognize at some level the person with whom it is interacting.
  2. Know something descriptive or have information based on past customer interactions about that person.
  3. Accomplish that recognition and application of "persona" information in various media.
  4. Then the company can make its messaging that much more relevant for the recipient.
  5. Achieve some level of certainty that it is reaching the individuals and segments targeted for a particular message, offer or product.

According to a recent Forrester report last year by Dave Fankland, not very well. Some highlights:

  • "Forty-three percent of marketers fail to capture any of the customer preferences we asked about."
  • "Thirty percent of marketers who capture at least one type of preference data take no action based on that preference."+
  • The results, as described by consumers: "Only 14% of U.S. consumers agree that the ads they see are relevant to their wants and needs, and even fewer agree that the direct mail (10%) and email marketing (7%) that they receive is relevant."

The report goes on to note: 

"Marketers spend billions each year tailoring their message and targeting the right recipients or segments, but even so-called precision marketing—direct mail and e-mail—misses the mark with consumers."

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