International Business


International Business

Working across borders is no longer an option to succeeding in an economy that is truly global. But working across cultures comes with challenges and frustrations that go beyond standard challenges around customs, contracts and exchange rates.

Fennec Marketing Group can bring a network of experienced international resources to assist with the following:

  • Cross-culture communication and conflict resolution
  • Culture-agnostic process modeling and objective setting that makes cross-border teams more effective
  • Market entry strategies (for selected countries)
  • Best-Practice Subsidiary Management Coaching

Marketing for International Business


Marketing internationally consists of the similar activities with:  advertising, consumer behavior, marketing management, product development, social media, retail and sales management. The field integrates economics, sociology, psychology, and statistics. Fennec Consulting opens the doors and helps your team think strategically and make a difference in any industry and extend your business beyond country borders.

International business

Every major industry has been affected by international business trends, innovations, and trade. Fennec Consulting's international business expertise will prepare your company for export and import, multinational business, government agencies, international organizations, and more.

Let us work with you to define some of the challenges you are having in managing an international business. Making your business work globally is an imperative in a world of shrinking borders and faster communications.

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