Building Brands

& Building Businesses ...

From the Customer's Perspective

 Introducing Fennec Marketing Group

Fennec Marketing Group builds Brands & businesses from the customer's perspective.

As a collaborative team of veteran, independent businesses who understand branding from all angles, we are uniquely positioned to provide custom teams and solutions and adapt them as needed to your business challenge. And as a collection of business experts, we focus on high business impact while our collaborative model minimizes your overhead and time.

The result?

Improved sales, customer retention, and employee morale. Less organizational overhead. Better revenue and profits.

David Dallaire, Principal

Fennec Marketing Group team knows how to differentiate your business culture and products to stand above your competitors.  Our team includes expert branding consultants who have worked  with the world’s greatest customer brands in some of the most demanding consumer markets. 

David Dallaire - Founder/President of Fennec Marketing Group

One career in Marketing, another in Operations, all of it in Management. David has worked with some of the world’s greatest brands to build bridges with their customers in their largest markets.  David was responsible for setting up Operations for both LL Bean and Lands' End in the world's most demanding consumer market - Japan. Since then he has continued to work as a branding consultant and strategist with clients around the world helping them benefit from developing Customer-First cultures.

David is a veteran of both the start-up and Fortune 100 world, with extensive global experience in Management, Marketing Strategy, Branding and Operations. David helps his clients develop a "Customer-First" lens on their business that transforms their customers from "buyers" to "advocates".

Your company's brand can be thought of as the relationship it has with it's customers.  This is one of the few things a company can own long term and a foundation of business success.  Fennec strengthens brands through positioning, architecture, identity development and other strategic marketing consultant services.


"Profits follow customer satisfaction, not the other way around..."   Peter Drucker