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The value provided to our business is already worth well beyond what we invested

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david-greenwald.jpg“We had wanted to get some help to repositioning our business to take better advantage of opportunities that we felt we might be missing. We hired David Dallaire of Fennec Consulting with the idea help us to execute the change our business needed to expand our client base, but we quickly found out that we would get quite a bit more. David not only exceeded expectations, but managed to dramatically change them. Our experience in working with David provided unexpected value well beyond our investment. We had not expected such profound insights into our business or such a thorough understanding of our rapidly evolving market. We had not expected to be able to grow our business - by growing our own view of ourselves. We had not expected our existing clients to be as ready for our new offering as they were. And we certainly had not expected to get the huge return on our investment that we did within the first month of our engagement! I can honestly say the value provided to our business is already worth well beyond what we invested, and having the benefit of David’s deep experience to provide us the fresh perspective he brings will pay dividends for us well into the future.” 

Dan Greenwald

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